My dear Madelin, let me tell you, is constantly restless for something to DO.  She is always looking up projects and crafts and doing them.  But, there's kind of a catch.  Too much mess or anything including sewing stresses me out.  It's not completely undoable, but I tend to strongly encourage things that don't take too long, too many materials, or time at that beastly sewing machine.

This week she came up with not only a great project, but one that also meets her constant desire for yet another bag or purse.  She does NOT get this from me!

While checking out Pinterest, she found this -

a tutorial for a no-sew bag - at little birdie secrets .

Whenever we find a project idea, we like to look at a few others for tips, adjustments, anything that makes it work a little better or the project go a little more smoothly.  We found this -

a video tutorial for the same basic bag, with a little adaptation, on stumbleupon .

So, that evening, with most of the kids in bed, she came to me with a length of fabric and some scissors, and in about 3 minutes we had this!

She couldn't be more thrilled!  She loves that it adjusts to a long bag to wear across her body or hold more, and a smaller bag that works as a great over-the-shoulder purse with just a difference of 2 knots.  Can't be much easier that this!

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Martie said...

Madelin, it's incredible! I love it! It's really cute. Great color, too.

I miss you!