learning activity - 3-6 year olds - abc and number strips

Once a homeschooler, always a homeschooler, I guess.  I can't help but have to do activities and projects with my kids every day.

Today it was these -

I bought some of this paper at a store that has some office supply stuff. I think it's called accountant tape or calculator tape, but all it is is a loooooong rolled up narrow strip of paper.  It's super cheap - a couple of dollars - and it's fun to use for the kids.  Anything that breaks out of the norm of an 8x10 worksheet is exciting to them!

I tore off about 3 feet lengths, and let the older kids (5 and 6) get to it, writing down their abc's.  They had fun with that, and with a little prompting and guidance from time to time just plowed through it.  For the three year old, I wrote the alphabet on the paper with a yellow marker first.  It's dark enough that he can see it and trace it and light enough that he can see the letters HE writes clearly - the yellow just fades into the back when contrasted with the darker color.

This is great fine-motor practice, which one of my kids needs as much as possible.  Plus, it's lots of fun, and looks so impressive all written in a long row.

Once the 6 year old was done, he got another long length and got to writing numbers.  He has a big thing with 100 right now, so he hoped to write to 100 on the paper, but only could fit in up to the 40's.  But, for sure I have that idea of writing all the numbers to 100 on a long length stored away in my brain for another day.  He's absolutely loved it!

This is one of those quick activities that requires pretty much no ahead planning, if you have the paper in stock and some markers around.  They spent about 10-15 minutes happily working away, and came out the other end with something they were excited to show off.  

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