lullaby printables - free

My post earlier in the week about my kids' lullabies made me think about how I'd always wanted to make some wall art for each of them based on each of their special songs.  So, here are a few I made, just for fun - one for each kid.

Madelin's - You Are My Sunshine - free printable - 

Sam's - My Little Buttercup - free printable -
Ben's - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - free printable -

James' - Who's My Baby - free printable -

Lewis' - Oh, baby, don't you cry - free printable -

 Each should print on an 8x10 piece of paper, and if you want a good quality, go with a heavier paper, not just regular printer paper.  I love making these, just as a little free hobby, so I hope you enjoy!


Anonymous said...
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Martie said...

You're so creative! There is a reason I never try things like this... Nice job!