Lewis is Daddy's boy. I don't know for sure what I think of this.  But, for pretty much his whole life, Lewis has preferred Tyler to me!  But I'm his mom!  I birthed him and all that stuff, right?  I kind of feel like I should get to be the favorite for at least the first year or two.  I mean, of course once they're a little bit older and have some sense, they always end up preferring Tyler.  He's the best!  Adventurous, fun, spontaneous, always bringing home a rabid fox or a drugged bear or something.  Who can compete with that?  Certainly not me.

When I think about, I do tend to be the comforter.  Like, when something goes terribly wrong, I get to listen and sympathize and help the little sufferer feel a little better.  I give a great "tisses" and "tuddles", and those usually help.  So, I'm kind of good in a pinch or a pickle or something.

But Lewis?  Maybe he's not completely oblivious to my powers (I make a pretty good shield from those newly-scary strangers and I have the milkies) but he's not head over heals with me.  It's a funny dance he does, every minute Tyler's home.  He races around from room to room just feet behind Tyler.  When Tyler leaves one room for the next, Lewis has barely caught up, and turns and hustles after him again! Sometimes by about the seventh room change he starts to show his frustration and his "dadadaaah"s become a little more urgent.  Tyler scoops him up and you can tell there's never been a happier tyke.

Point is : maybe I'm jealous.  Just a little.  But I love it.  I really really do.

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Martie said...

THat is pretty darn adorable. I wish I could see him chasing Daddy around. I love it when babies walk all chubby and straight-legged. I bet Lewis is the cutest pursuer ever!