To Dad, Love Ben

BEN says...

What is your favorite thing to do with dad? 
Go to the park

What is dad’s favorite food? 
I don't know! 

My dad always says...
we could watch violent movies on movie night and thank you we can be with our family and we can look and have our money. 

My dad laughs...
at funny stuff!  And, he like John Carter.

My dad cooks the...

How strong is your dad? 
So strong.  He likes to do everything and he likes to...

What makes dad smile? being good choices. 

What was dad like as a little boy? 
Um, he liked playing baseball and he loves you, mom.

My dad likes...
Uh, going to work. 

What is dad’s favorite thing to do with you? 
Uh, play with me.

How do you know dad loves you? 
Because he likes me. 

Why does mommy love dad? 
Because he kissed you - he married you and kissed you!

What does dad do at work? 
Uh, um, look for animals and hunt.

I love dad because...
he likes me.

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Martie said...

Aww, cuteness!