S.A.M. turned eight this winter, and he is for sure not a little kid anymore.  He is much more sure of his desire to be independent, and he has more opinions about things.  This goes right along with him reaching the "age of accountability" and being old enough to discern right from wrong.  He is still such a sweet, loving, and kind spirit.  He also seems to be much less willing to be taken advantage of - he is learning to stand up for himself with siblings or friends who might be pushing him too far.

I look at him, even in his pictures, and see such a light in those big blue eyes.  I think about what it's like to be a man in the latter days, in this rough culture of ours, and about how rare light and joy are in men.  It's a hard line they are asked to walk.  I am incredibly intimidated by the responsibility it is to raise boys into men who will love their families, who will work hard, who will feel their self worth, who will not degrade others or themselves.  I know it is only with Heavenly Father's help that it is even possible, and I'm so grateful I have that hope to cling to - that I know we're not doing it all alone.

About S.A.M. -
- He's now a cub scout!  He looooves it!
- He was baptized - it was a beautiful day, with just a few of us.
- He loves games of all kinds.
- He is the greatest big brother to the little guys.  James and Lewis both have special spots in their hearts for him.
- He wants to know and hear and understand everything.  He likes to be an expert.
- He loves wild techno music.  And Lady Gaga?
- He's my lunch-time helper.
- He has a hard time turning off his brain at night to go to sleep.
- He thinks everything computer-related is super awesome.
- He has as many freckles as there are stars in the sky.  At least that's what I tell him, and he loves it.

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Martie said...

Aw, Katie. He is so handsome and sounds like such a great guy. You are doing a great job.

SAM, We love you! Keep up all of those great and amazing things you do!!