Our Summer

Oh, the plans I had heading into this summer - daily activities all planned out, a continuation of our school year but more relaxed, and plenty of time with friends and family. We had a beautiful summer, but it was nothing at all like I planned, of course. That's how life is sometimes, right?

Here are some of our summer milestones, events, and memories -

  • Benefactor mastered his two wheeler in no time, and with coaching from the best teacher - his big brother. He immediately grasped the wide world of adventure this mobility opened up to him, and began a series of occasional surprise trips to parts unknown. There were a few crazy moments tracking him down, but all in all the boy's smart, independent, and able, and he just thought, as he told me a few times, "But, I CAN do it!" So, of course, he thinks why shouldn't he? (one time, after escaping to a neighboring cow pasture, he couldn't figure out why in the world I didn't like that he'd left the house without permission - "Are you afraid a T-Rex would eat me?" That was the only logical conclusion he could come up with!)
  • Mademoiselle started a book club, all on her own.  It started out strong, and kind of tapered off as summer carried on, but it was fun while it lasted!  She loved the opportunity to schedule time to have her favorite long list of girlfriends over every week - a mom-approved excuse for a party.
  • I, of course, found out I was pregnant.  The same week as our big evacuation to Tucson.  It was an exhausting time, but so wonderful in it's own way.  And I've been nauseous and "stuff" ever since!  This is the biggest reason our summer plans took a detour - blame it all on mom.  Also, I've been endlessly thrilled about the pregnancy.  Just so so happy.
  • S.A.M. and Benefactor and Mademoiselle all started their very first soccer season.  It's been so fun!  Another benefit of living here - all their practices and games are on the same large field, so even though I'm doing all those trips and cheering alone, it's not inconvenient at all.  We're lucky, I know!
  • I got a bike!!  I was so excited.  It's a little cruiser that we found at Walmart, of all places, and I love it.  I just toodle around on it, no need to feel speedy or adventurous or anything like that.  And, for my birthday, Tyler got me a two-seater bike trailer to carry James and baby #5 around (you know, eventually).  We've been loving family bike rides.
  • Tyler was totally a hero during the fires.  Ha!  He'll groan if he ever reads that.  Regardless, he was able to be of service during the Wallow Fire and it's aftermath, and it was quite an experience for all of us.  But, if there's one thing we love, it's our little adventures - especially if we're not in any REAL danger during them.
  • The kids - ours and all the neighborhood kids - are super obsessed with eating our sour apples.  They won't be ripe for another month, but the kids find their way into the trees to nibble on them just about every day.  The stinkers.  I just hope we have some left when it's actually time to harvest them, because they are by far the yummiest apples I've ever eaten.
  • Tyler ripped out Mademoiselle's closet and our hall bathroom one day.  Kind of like, Oh, what should I do today?  I know!  I'll tear apart the middle of our house!  The fire started that same week.  So, gradually throughout the summer he's worked on it, and it's almost done, and let me tell you, our new bathroom is amazing.  I seriously think it's going to be my new favorite room in the house.
  • We decided to head back to Tucson for my maternity care again.  We made out first trip a couple of weeks ago.  It's a big decision, and not super convenient, but so much better than our only option of having this baby in the same place where James almost died.  
  • We didn't grow a garden.  You heard me.  I STILL can't get over it, and the season is so close to being over.  But, with the fire, the evacuation, my lovely vomitousness, and all, it just didn't happen, and that's okay.  Next year!
  • James turned two!!   I turned 30-something!  I can't even keep track. 33!  Mademoiselle turns 10 this week!  It's been a month of, I don't know, aging?

So, now you know kinda what we've been up to.  At least some of it.  I know you missed me like crizazy, so I'll try to be around more often.  You know, here and there and then I'll be obsessed and I'll have big long posts all the time.  Meanwhile, we're back into the swing (almost) of homeschool.  One of these days I'll start my homeschool posts, too, and you can spy in on our days and feel all proud of how much more you've accomplished than we have, because seriously?  You have.

Hope you had a wonderful and eventful summer, too!

PS - here's a special video of my dad.  I hope you enjoy!


sheila said...

Oh my dear friend I read about you and it makes me miss you more and more. I have a cruiser bike too! But it'd too stinkin hot here to do any crusin. Well I look forward to your homeschool posts I love seeing the amazing things you do with your family.

Martie said...

Loved reading this. PLEASE try to keep posting! I miss it. I like to feel in touch with your family. See you soon!! Love you! Oh-- please remember the cupcake thingy if you can make it fit! Thank you!