Scenes from my morning -

My beautiful peony.  I've waited for this bloom for 2 years.

James floating a little boat in our irrigation.

The view of a spot fire from my yard.

All taken within 10 minutes and 10 feet of each other.


Peg Lewis said...

More, more!

How far away is the spot fire? It looks close by, but then I guess that would depend on how high that plume goes...

That child with the surprising haircut is a new generation of boat-floaters. I bet boys (and at least one girl I can testify of) have been doing that literally forever. It's nice he has that connection.

And that peony, to me, is a symbol of what it means to have a home, and to have one's house still standing. It's the little things that add up to a big loss if left behind (by choice or otherwise), I'm beginning to realize.

Lovely photo essay once again.

Martie said...

Is the air clearer now? Or has a lot of smoke lingered?

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