AM -

S.A.M. decides to "work out".  He got a glass of water, a towel, and put the DVD in that Tyler uses for exercise.  Benefactor joins him.  Those two little copycats were so adorable, acting just like their big daddy.  They even stripped off their shirts about 30 seconds into exercising because they were "too sweaty."  But the incredible cuteness exploded all over the room when James stripped down to nothing, and started to stretch and jump and run in place right along side them.  Hilariousness, I tell you!  And all the while, Mademoiselle sat in her sunny patch by the window and stitched away on a pillow she decided to sew (one of her many dreams is to have a bagillion pillows on her bed), completely oblivious to the craziness all around her.

Meanwhile, I sat in my own little spot and practiced with my camera.  I have a dozen or two under- and over-exposed pictures of my shoe that I'm sure you're sad that I'm not sharing with you.  Well, it's just your tough luck!

PM -

I felt like crying when I looked outside and saw the snow falling.  Luckily an hour later this was the pretty view, as the sun was going down.  I sneaked outside away from the 3 little monkeys that were jumping on my patience and got in another minute or two of camera practice with one little monkey by my side.  I sat on our front porch and shivered and shivered and, you know, shivered.  Then I went inside to be a mom again.  It was just about time to brush teeth, read books, say prayers, and head to bed.  Tonight the boys all cuddled in together, until about one minute later when James came running to me to be cuddled and nursed to sleep.

I let Mademoiselle stay up to watch part of a movie she's been watching 20 minutes of here and there, and then snuggled in bed with her.  She loves to ask me, as I lay next to her, "What are the possibilities?" and then we talk about the many things she may or may not do with herself over the next days, weeks, months and years.   I know I've come up with a good one when she goofy laughs in excitement.  Then it's just a cuddle or two more, a kiss, a tuck, and she, too, is off to dream land.

Those were the bookends of my day.  How about yours?

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Peg Lewis said...

The morning bookend was hours ago! I don't remember just how it started, early for sure. And now it's the end of the day. It has had big highs and a not unexpected medium-low. A son is happy, a dau a year older, another one cold in the snow, another one exhausted. Business is both excellent and disappointing, as businesses do to themselves. We walked past 10s of thousands of tulips (not exaggerating!) and wanted to take photos but each one was more spectacular than the last. They were probably at their peak today and poppies were already growing up in between them. What colors!

I made a pillow by hand when I was 9. Nine squares on the front, solid on the back. I had it forever - I wonder where it is.