our bathroom - post demo - you can see right into Mad's room!

Oh, Friday!  Wherever did you come from?  Here I felt all mid-weekish and the end is already nigh?  I guess that's what happens when time goes the way of plumbing and sick kids and snow and such.  I'm guessing the next two weeks are going to go much more slowly.  Tyler will be heading out of town again, and that always means life is a lot less fun for all of us.  As long as this weather warms up, we can head outside and distract ourselves!

It's that time of year! Time to BBQ - (I somehow lost my yummy homemade bun link)  And for desert - these look pretty delicious to me!

I love these.  And they totally inspired me to make state tangrams with the kids for geography - what a fun idea! I think we'll use paper cutout shapes to get the different sizes.

I'm moving here.  Okay, I'm not really.  But in my dreams I'm already there. I love it, for reals.

Did you know my very favorite food (besides maybe butter and cream) is tostadas?  A testament to my Tucson upbringing.  And probably not tacos only because when I eat tacos the mess is monumental.  Well, people, if you've never met a taco you loved, you are about to.  I think I might just try every single one of these.

 Here are some fun and simple ideas for activities to do with your little guys and gals, indoors - set to music, no less!  Just until this weather sorts itself out and becomes seasonal-appropriate.

For any party lovers - I love this party.  Detailed and simple all together.  It sounds like such a memorable day for all those lucky little kids!

I've been thinking about doing some dyeing with the kids.  Am I crazy?  Anyway, if you didn't already know, the ombre effect is way in, right?  So I'm kind of loving this dip-dyeing technique.  Maybe we'll give it a go.

Also, neon is big, but only if you use a little of it.  So, maybe some super-bright nailpolish like these for a pop of color without going overboard?

Oh, wait, what?  Not enough food links?  Okay, since you asked,  these tips totally streamline the homemade bread making process.  When I figured a few of these out, bread making became much more enjoyable.

For the kids, I highly recommend this website for current events and news.  We just found it, and are really into it!

And for you parents?  Give this a read.  I track all my math phobia and insecurity back to fourth grade and not getting those stinkin' times tables down pat.  Plus side?  It's never too late to brush up and become a master of basic math facts - for you OR your kids.

That about wraps things up.  I hope you wonderful people have a wonderful weekend - and maybe even some sunshine!  I may or may not be a little obsessed with the weather.  Or a lot.  Oh, and perhaps you would like to leave me a comment below, and let me know what subject of links are your personal favorite?  I'm just throwing out there anything I think is noteworthy or enjoyable.  So, do tell.


Peg Lewis said...

I love that news site! It's wonderfully user-friendly, and I like the 'kids - ask your parents' warning on the bin Laden story. What a find! So nice to be able to dig deep without ads!

I was a bit puzzled by the promise of barbq and ending up with masks! What did I do wrong there, eh?

I think you made a big mistake with the 'Tyler will be out of town for a couple of weeks' comment juxtaposed with the photo at the top. Those two things don't make sense together, not at all.

May your weather become seasonal soon! Can't wait to see how the new bathroom looks when it's put back together! Good luck w/ that.

dear friend said...

Most predictably, I enjoy food info :) and looking at decor and craft ideas (of which there was none today unless I missed) BUT I was grateful to read the math tip AND I saved the news for kids link - thanks, friend!!

Janalee said...

So that JetSet link led me to read the comments about how useful Flashmaster is for memorizing math. Do you have that?

Katie Richins said...

Jana - I don't have Flashmaster, but we just started using this free website (I was going to link to it next week) to drill in a fun way. So far we like it.

Martie said...

I enjoy your links! Thank you!