Mademoiselle's nature drawing

Sweet girl decided to enter this contest.  Right away she set up outside, and drew and drew until her picture was done.  She loves to spend hours a day outside in nature, enjoying it, watching it, playing in it.  And she spends almost as much time drawing, painting, and creating.  She's done this for years, and I think as she gets older, she'll probably spend even more time creating.  When she's drawing and painting she gets so calm and peaceful - it's a great foil for her otherwise busy and active self.


Peg Lewis said...

How wonderful to look into your sunny yard and see Sweet Girl at work! And then to follow the links and see what she did a while ago, and read why. What a wonderful way to be a child! Nice, Mom.

Among other things, it makes me glad she is not sitting in the classroom while all this beauty is outside waiting for her appreciative eyes.

jill bliss said...

beautiful! she sounds a lot like me at her age... watch out world!