We're right in the middle of the winter doldrums.  All of us are a little restless, and a little bored.   The stockpile of indoor activities and games and projects aren't as exciting as they used to be.  Movies are a lot more tempting and interesting than usual.  

We keep talking about the long, warm days of summer.  The bike rides, hikes, fishing trips, sprinkler runs, camp outs, barbecues, and family visits.  The sunshine, grass, garden, leafy trees, birds, and water in the ditch.

Everyday that shows a hope of spring, with sunshine and less chill in the air, drives us outdoors to enjoy as much of it as we can.  We sneak in a picnic or afternoon outdoors in between the snow storms. It's just enough to keep us happy.


Unknown said...

Hey friend! :D
Somehow I missed your first post, but I am glad that I caught this one! :D

I am looking forward to hearing/seeing more! I have always loved your creativeness and the way you write! :)

We, too, are in those winter doldrums... Thomas is always dreaming of going to a warm beach and relaxing! :) (really, all of us do,too!) :)

Martie said...

LOVE, LOVE the picture. LOVE SAM.

I love reading your blog again. Don't ever stop!

sheila said...

here we come back to blogging. I am excited to see you kids, man Ben has shot up like a bean sprout!
FYI my family is all camping 4th of July week again. We may eb there. not sure due to the need to go to CA. Letcha know. Love you more than icecream!!!