I think James looks just like a little baby doll. Like a baby doll, and like his brothers. He is sodangcute!

Before I had kids I had a great theory. I decided I wouldn't call my kids cute. You know, so their self-esteem would be based on things that are real and long-lasting, not ficle and fading.

When I had baby Mademoiselle, the theory went flying out the window. She was too cute, and I had to coo or squeal about the cuteness just about every time I looked at her. She's heard "cute, cute, CUTE!" probably every day of her life. That's like 8,544 times, at least. I thinks the day she realizes she hasn't heard it might be a sad day.

That's what I was trying to avoid. In my child-less wisdom, I thought it would be easier leave my kids ignorant of their cuteness, so there would be no remorse for them if they some day grew out of it. They couldn't miss what they didn't know they had, right?

Oh well. It turns out it was really just easier to succumb to the cuteness and let them deal with the consequences of our indulgence later.


Unknown said...

yup, I fall in love every time I see those beautfiful brown eyes! :D too cute :)

Janalee said...

that is an unusually cute baby - and I don't pass out that one often.

Real said...

I agree with Janalee. I really don't think most other babies ARE cute. Sometimes they just look silly or funny or like old men. But your baby is ACTUALLY cute.

trogonpete said...

sometimes I worry that the only reason my kids look cute to me is that they're mine, and to everybody else they're funky-looking. Not so James--that's one fantastically adorable kid you've got there!