Yesterday afternoon, after a long mid-day at church, our family unwound out on the back lawn. After we stuffed our hungry faces with whatever quick fix we could find, and changed into more comfortable clothes, Mademoiselle declared it was "Family Game Time". So we spread out blankets on the lush, green grass under the shade of an apple tree. Tyler and Mademoiselle and S.A.M. played a fun caterpillar game we got for Christmas from a very smart aunt and uncle (who know us so well). I lay down, half in the shade and half out, the sun on my legs, and the breeze cooling me down. Benefactor used all of us as trampolines and jungle-gyms, and then cuddled in next to me. He found a good "hiding 'pot" with my arm as a headrest and the blanket wrapped up around him. He'd peek out at me adoringly and playfully, then retreat to his hideaway, then peek out again and add a gentle pat on my cheek.

It was nothing short of blissful.


MandaMommy said...

I just LOVE family time on blankies on the grass. Sounds perfect!

Martie said...

Really, really, really nice.