Just as Tyler was walking out of the door yesterday for a 3 day work camping trip thing, I got our call with this weeks' irrigation time. Today at 12:30 pm.

Here's the thing - Tyler is the big boss man when it comes to irrigation. He knows how it works, he's the one out there directing and re-directing the water. Mostly I just stand there and say supportive stuff, and watch the kids get covered in mud and grass. And look cute. But I hardly need mention that.

And now Tyler is gone for our irrigation time, and if we had found out just 15 minutes earlier he could have a least walked me through it. But, no. I'm on my own. But I'll get by with a little help from our neighbors, right?

Wish me luck.


MandaMommy said...

Good luck! It sounds complicated...

Unknown said...

I hate when things for the "men" come up and I'm left to handle it on my own... but then I tell myself to be like a tough pioneer woman and get it done :) and you know what?
I would have been quite the tough pioneer woman :D

Good luck!!! Let us know how it goes!

Janalee said...

what's the worst that can happen, some spot is a little more flooded than normal?