The thought that is beautiful is the thought to cherish. The word that is beautiful is worthy to endure. The act that is beautiful is eternally and always true and right. Only beware that your appreciation of beauty is just and true; and to that end, I urge you to live intimately with beauty of the highest type, until it has become a part of you, until you have within you that fineness, that order, that calm, which puts you in tune with the finest things of the universe, and which links you with that spirit that is the enduring life of the world.

-Bertha Bailey


sheila said...

are you talking about me again? I know I can't help surrounding people with my beauty. That is way I stay home, so people can truely appreciate it.

Katie Richins said...

Yes, Seila, yes. You get me.

Janalee said...

ooooh yes, I'd love a list of modern classics. For all I know, I've read a lot of them. You can email me if you want.

Martie said...

Just like you-- beauty of the highest type.

Missing you,