Do you like the new look? I'm loving how light and open this layout is. I've been looking for a change for a few reasons, and I know I'll be making tweaks and adjustments here and there, but I feel like I'm on the right track.

I am missing one key element, though. I love a good header, and I haven't had one since last years' move from the ranch. And there's no way I can pay for one. I've been looking all around for one that suits, but I really could use some help. Does anyone out there have any hidden header skill who wants to help a girl out?

Please comment with any ideas or suggestions. I need all the help I can get.

edited to add: thanks for the suggestion, Real. I love the new header, but haven't figured out how to center it. Even playing with the html hasn't worked yet. Any ideas?


Unknown said...

I wish I knew how to do them: Damond has good skills for that type of thing :) I think he gets it from his Haws side :)

Unknown said...

I loved Bo Peep! Always the Lady :)
and the bats ( I really felt like he was flying at me) and I was screaming :D

La-di-dah said...

Uh. There's always your sister. Duh. I'm about to change my header, too. Your sister and I both use And since you are like abillion times more artistic than me, yours will most likely turn out a billion times better.

Real said...

Oops. That last post was from me.

Katie Richins said...

Thanks everyone.

Real, that worked really well for what I wanted to do. Thanks for clueing me in! I still can't get the centering to work in HTML, but I'll figure it out eventually.

Janalee said...

what's wrong with your header now? it looks very cjane-ish. (professional) if you only you could stretch it across the whole top though.

PS you homeschool right? Do you do the Thomas Jefferson Education method?

Katie Richins said...

Janalee - I JUST put that header up, and I made it, and I have to say I LOVE it, but I can't figure out the stretch or reposition thing. I'm working on it. Well, not really, I'm having fun checking blogs instead.

I do homeschool, and we do use the TJE model, in some ways, and adjust it to suit our need with a little Charlotte Mason based teachings. Not many non-homeschoolers have heard about Thomas Jefferson education...amazing.

And your girls reasons for voting for Obama were GREAT! And probably not all that different than my reasons for voting for whoever I'll vote for tomorrow.