Yesterday we had a family day. And what outing do you think we picked?
The apple orchard?
The pumpkin patch?
The corn maze?
No. We went to the city water park.

Even Tyler got in on the fun.

It's wrong. Just wrong.


Janalee said...

you're right. it is wrong.

(But oh so right)

Unknown said...

I can't believe the weather! I wish our waterpark was like yours. It only runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day. I am telling you that my kids would go to it all winter long, if it was one that turned on and off :D

Real said...

mmmmm....Sounds nice. I'd pick water parks in the fall to whatever we're about to get ourselves into here ANY DAY!

Katie Richins said...

Hey, Janalee! Nice to see you over here!

I think it's all bittersweet. It is fun to play in the water, but I LOVE FALL!! It's may favorite, and after having a few beautiful falls on the ranch, it's hard to know we're pretty much going to skip it!

Martie said...

And here it was 20 degrees this morning.


Cute pictures!

Martie said...

Tell Tyler to get a bathing suit.