Hi Delany,
I read your funny letter. It was funny that you had the same shirt. It made me kind of a little laugh.
I miss you so much.
I love horses like you, Delany.
I can't wait to see you again. When I see you, Delany, I would be twins with you if I could. When we get together I wish we could have a little party. We would maybe have some cookies.
What are you going to be for Halloween? Well, I am going to be Mary Had a Little Lamb. I guess you might be a lamb.
What I like to do, Delany, is draw a lot. I guess that's the same as you. I like to draw pictures of, like, horses and flowers and rainbows and all sorts of stuff. You might like to, too.
I like to ride my bike a lot.
I love making recipes. And I love cooking, too. You might like to, too.
I like animals. My favorite animals is horses. You might like horses, too.
What's your favorite candy, Delany? My favorite candy is Candy Corn. My favorite pie is apple, and your might be the same.
I hope you are doing well. I miss you so much, Delany.
I remember you doing my hair and my doing your hair one time up in Salt Lake.
Goodbye, Delany. I hope I see you soon.
I love you, Delany,


Unknown said...

She is... beautiful :D

I also love that you are up and running! Did you guys get the internet? I really missed your posts!

Martie said...

I like you at the day, at the night. For Haloween I am going to be Snow White. harper is going to be a dwarf. She is going to be Grumpy. I am happy you wrote to me. I'm not going to be a sheep for Halloween. I hope you go at Utah when I see you again and I hope you be a princess just like me. I love you for always. Bye, M. I love you too. Bye.


Martie said...


Katie Richins said...

Mademoiselle said - Snow White is like a sheep - they are both WHITE!