Oh, my heart. Aren't these three adorable?

Mademoiselle and her 2 cousins are the best of friends.
Mademoiselle is 7, while the other two are 5.
(Please don't tell her she's the shortest of them. She still hasn't noticed, and we'd like to keep it that way.)

In their world, imagination still reigns supreme.

They pretend to be horses.
They pretend to be ghosts and monsters.
They pretend to be pioneers.
They pretend to be princesses.
They pretend to be teenagers.
They pretend to be ballerinas.

They pretend to be sisters.


Martie said...

OK, so tell me. Are the other two sisters? I thought not, because I though one was D. But they look SO alike! Clue me in cuz I'm confused!

I wish Del and Mad could be together like that. Del misses Mad so much.

Great pictures! I'm so glad these three girls have each other. There's nothing like family.

:O) :O(


Katie Richins said...

No, they aren't. One is the D you remember, and the other is Des___, who was in FL. before.

Mad misses Del like crazy.

Anonymous said...

Oh MY heart too! :) What cute girls they are! I remember being that way with my girl cousins...I wanted them as my sisters!

Katie Richins said...

Sandi - I've told Mademoiselle a few times that I only new one other set of cousins that were so lucky, and that was you and Jamie and Elaina. I wish I could have had that! It seems so fun.