Just to prove we haven't sold out completely in our move back to the city, here are a few things that are the same.

-Lucy? Yep, the same. Next week she's having her lady parts altered, so after that, she won't be exactly the same.

-A metal and pointy advertisement dispenser thing near a store attacked S.A.M. and he has the gash and butterfly bandage on his eyebrow to prove it. That's pretty much the same.

-I love to eat chocolate chip cookies. I make a huge batch of dough, cook up some of it, and then shape the rest in a log and refrigerate it for hot and homemade cookies whenever I want. And I do want. That's the same.

-Mademoiselle cried when she saw her new aunt come out of the temple all dressed up and holding flowers. They weren't tears of joy, exactly, but more tears of "those are so beautiful and I really wish I could get married today just so I could hold them so the second we get home please please PLEASE make me some fake ones out of tissue paper to take to the reception". That is so the same.

-Tyler is gone a l l t h e t i m e, and the kids jump out of their skins when he's actually home. Same.

-The house we live in has an actual foundation. That's different. But we don't own it. That's the same.

-Benefactor is still graciously bestowing his love on all. But now he says "owie" a LOT. Same and different.

Now tell me one thing that is the same and one thing that is different in your life!


Real said...

STILL potty training. That's the same. I can't think of anything different. I think we just added another child and are repeating 2006.

MandaMommy said...

I am really bad at blogging. That's totally the same. (Though I still pretend I'm a blogger from time to time.) Different: we ride our bikes EVERYWHERE. It's fun!

sheila said...

I am glad you have blogged. I found it entertaining.
Same- poor, sleepy, and I want something salty then some chocolate and vanilla based ice cream product. yum
Different- bills are all paid and I am working this week. DJ's watching guys and dolls (maybe that isn't really different)

Unknown said...

Same- my life :) damond studying 24/7
two wonderful, but very energetic children
Different: cleaning up "accidents" while potty training, splitting my time and mind between two demanding little ones