littlehousebignews edition 1 volume 1 fall 2007

edition 1 volume 1 fall 2007

This just in!

Local commissioned officer resigns post, official 14 December, 2007. States a desire to further his education and keep the Sabbath Day holy as his reasons.

Extra! Extra!

Blogger, mother of n i n e, sister of m i n e and all around swell girl turns (Ah-CHOOOOoooo!). She claims to still have energy, sanity, and a waist. Authorities are investigating.

Brave 6 year old Cheats Death!

Mademoiselle, her face disfigured with swelling, her eyes betraying her agony, visited the dentist Monday, and lived to smile another day. She was found to have an infection, which necessitates the removal of one molar. "I'd like to thank my mom, the expectation of a Happy Meal some time in my future, and my fuzzy bunny Lizbet for my success!" Witnesses claim no dentistry was actually performed on this date, but was merely discussed and scheduled for a later date. (namely the morning we leave for our Thanksgiving vacation)

Gravity Defied

Scientists announced today the recent observation of a toddler sitting on a table. The 13 month old seemed to manipulate the very laws of nature in arriving at the destination of the table-top, when he had mere moments before been observed on the floor. Onlookers gasped in shock and wept in fear. The world as we know it has ceased to exist.

History Repeats Itself

Mother of three cooks, cleans, does laundry. If we don't learn from history, we are destined to repeat it.

And Today's Funnies

please note: toddlers pictured in Papa's arms are nly 6 months apart in age.


Real said...

6 monhts apart. Wow!

Martie said...

Thank you, Sistah. Though I do not claim to have a waistline, and I am pretty durn sure that after Christi is done with me today, there will be even less! I've already had eggs, toast and sausage. I expect to have to take 2 cars to the reunion.

Sounds like you have had some busyness! I thought each mom was only supposed to get one climber. Poor you.

Tell M that I said great job!

Thank you again for your b'day wish!

Love, Martie

Martie said...


Congratulations! We are behind you 100%. We know you can do it!


Katie Richins said...

Real - Yes. 6 months. She is younger than Pink.

I know.


I love you so much and I hope you had a wonderful rest of the day despite the THIS and the THAT and all the OTHER THINGS, too. I had all these big plans in my head of how to make this special landmark day specialer-er, but alas, I am both poor and unrealistic. And far far far way.
(extra far added to shhow I am not on Judea's plains.)