This is how I've felt recently. I just want to relax and savor and dwell in the moments as much as I can. I will not miss whole years, or even days of my children's lives because I am too distracted or busy to really see or hear them. They amaze and delight me. They are independent and able one second, and cuddly and vulnerable the next. They are growing up every day, and every day they need me just as much as they did the day they were born. I want to teach them so many things, and I am left speechless at how much I don't know. I want to protect them, and I want them to be brave. I want to guide them and steer them, and I want them to be equipped to be and do whatever they want to. I want them to know Heavenly Father loves them. I want them to know that their father and I love them. I want them to talk to me, to tell me their fears and hopes and dreams as much 10 years from now as they do now. I feel like they are already slipping away from me, and I only just got them.


Unknown said...

Ahh, my KT. you are so tan and beautiful and skinny. I misses you!


MandaMommy said...

You're too cool!!


Katie Richins said...

Wow, compliments, compliments! I could get used to this!

Hey, Jen-ers! Don't be a stranger!

Pete - Yes, I am. It's my lot in life, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Sweet moments. Hold onto them tight. It ends so quickly.


Anonymous said...

I just got mine, too, and where are they? Not under blankets or out in the yard or sitting beside me in the car. So slippery, so soon, so ...

I want to hold them tight and watch them live out their lives in distant places if it takes them there.

Being a mom and a mom+ and almost a mom++ means gainandloss, highandlow, hereandthere, joyousandjoyousandpoignant. Caring is such a big job! Really caring is huge.

Love you all. G of All