I came outside to see Mademoiselle just like this.

She cleaned up the yard.
She swept the sidewalk.
She decorated it with sidewalk chalk pictures.

All by herself.

All for the love of her daddy, who was coming home soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh, M! That is so, so nice. You love your daddy, don't you? I can tell that you do because you did something so big for him. I love you very much and I think you are a GREAT girl!


Aunt M>

Jo Beaufoix said...

That's really sweet.

I love how excited my 2 girls get when their daddy is coming home.

Anonymous said...

Chere Mademoiselle - Could you come to my house and sweep my front walk, s'il vous plait? I would love it if you visited me. We also have some apples that need picking. Aimes-tu les pommes?

It is a foggy day here, though the sun is there too, making the air all silvery and sparkly.

Je t'aime! G of All

Katie Richins said...

She is very thoughtful, isn't she? So sweet.

Welcome, Jo. It's always nice to hear from a new visitor!