Good things happen when I say yes.

A midday picnic, with a taste of an unripe apple plucked from our tree as an appetizer? Yes!

An impromptu game of charades, and hearing the guess "tayasu tajacu"? Yes!

Reading/singing The Wheels on the Bus 11 times? Then singing many original verses of If You're Happy and You Know It? (pick your nose!)Yes!

Seeing the cats and the hens eating dog food, the goats eating chicken food, and the dogs running off on an adventure? Yes!

Making up a unique Irish jig while listening to the Chieftains? Yes!

Catching up with the housework after dinner instead of keeping up with it all day? Yes.


Real said...

You are such a good mom. You need to come visit and give me lessons on interacting with my kids.

Katie Richins said...

You want to give me lessons on patience in trade?