Yesterday my children announced their "e-gagement".

Mademoiselle orchestrated the entire thing. She even found the engagement ring and planted it in S.A.M.'s pocket without him realizing. Then she told him how to propose.

And he did. After awhile.

I think he was waiting for the time to be right.

Then they got married.
It was a simple wedding.

They went to play in the water and mud under the apple tree. That is where tragedy struck. Mademoiselle's ring was lost.

Tyler and I were engaged once. I did not tell him how to propose or even help pick out the ring. But we were engaged.

Then we were married.
I wouldn't call it simple.

Then, the next summer we went to Idaho and floated down the Payette River. That is when tragedy struck. My ring was lost.

Mademoiselle patiently decided to let the water subside and hope that it will be easier to spot today.

The Payette will not be subsiding anytime soon. I tell myself that maybe a fish ate my ring, because they sometimes like shiney things.

Or is that crows?


Rochelleht said...

My dh lost his wedding ring in a fish pond 6 months after we married. He's still wearing the $30 replacement I got for him. It's been 12 years. What a cheapo I am! :-)

Katie Richins said...

Rochelle -
I lucked out and got a replacement from my husband a daughter for my first Mother's Day. Can you say SWEET? That kind of thing buys a lot of excused botched holidays, if you know what I mean.