We love to take walks up the stream. Sometimes we tell ourselves we’re just going down there to sit and relax and let the kids and dogs splash around in the water. That never happens.

We always end up walking and walking. There are so many sights to see – the tadpoles, the baby kites, the water beetles, the tracks left by thirsty animals, the flowers in bloom. And there is always the hope of something else around the next bend.

We end up staying much longer than planned. We end up getting much dirtier than anticipated. We come home famished and thirsty.

And blissfully happy.

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Peg Lewis said...

Oh, that was a long time to wait, from Thursday till you posted again today! What great photos! Amazing to see running water in AZ! Seems like someone is missing in these photos, though...where's the mom? I'm telling the world about this sweet blog! pl