S.A.M. hunkered down. My camera
kept sleeping on the job, so there aren't many
great pictures.

We drove straight to the beach. We hadn’t seen the ocean in three years.

Mademoiselle loved to run in the waves. She hopped in the air as they broke. She ran back and forth and back and forth. We had to call her back to us. She just wanted to keep running.

S.A.M. tried the water but like the sand better. He waded in with us and gave it a fair try. He went back to the beach. He dug, he lay, he rolled, he played.

Benevolence had a lot to look at from his perch in my front carrier. After a while I let him down. He took off, zoom, right to the water and in. Over and over. He loved to play in the sand. He didn’t mind eating it, either.

We wished for a little less wind and a little more warmth. We were fine when we were in the water, but when we got out, we shivered and shook.
How did you like the coast?

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