Daddy shaved S.A.M.’s (3) hair for the summer. After looking in the mirror and seeing the big change, S.A.M. went up to daddy, patted his leg, and said, “It me, dad. It otay. It me, "S.A.M."-boy! It me!”


trogonpete said...

I know you'll hate me for saying this, but that picture of Sam with his head shaved reminds me of that bald toy with the constructor set spider legs from toy story.

Cute nonetheless!


Anonymous said...

Sam is such a stud! He is an absolutely gorgeous little boy. And he has the cutest personality! Thanks for sharing!


Katie Richins said...

It was quite a change, te hair and the lost tooth at the same time. We couldn't decide - 50's throwback o ezcaped from the state pen?

And yes, very cute.