what a day!

We had such a great day today - fishing, family, fun - stuff like that.

Tyler's brother and his wife (of 7 months!  cute newlyweds!) came up for a visit for a few days.  We love having visitors - too often we feel the emptiness of not living close to any family! We did a few fun things, a lot of kickin' back, and headed to Big Lake, about 45 minutes from here, for the morning today.

We love it up there!  In fact, all the boys but Lewis spent most of Saturday up there with some friends' families after the Fathers and Sons camp-out.  Umm, and that kid up there in the grey?  He got to skip school for the morning just to get more Uncle and Aunt time in before they had to leave.

We were kind of on a mission to make this fishing trip happen.  My new sister-in-law had never gone fishing!  And, really, I'm not 100% sure she wanted to today, either?  But she's a great girl, and absolutely made a fun time of it.

Lewis immediately made his way to the water to splash and throw rock and kick around and generally scare off all the fish.  He was feeling pretty blissful.

And, wouldn't you look at who caught the first fish!  Beginner's luck or something, right?  Honestly, she wasn't loving the idea of touching that slimy fish, so this is about as close as she got to it.  She's a good sport, no?

Once Lewis discovered the tackle box, it was all over.  His favorite little 'game' was rolling the power bait jars down the hill, mainly towards Madelin's bum.  He thought he was just sooo funny!  We got a pretty good laugh out of watching him tease her.

 Gotta say, I loved every sunshiny, windy second of it.  Being outdoors as a family doing something fun is absolutely the best, isn't it?  I love it.


Peg Lewis said...

I want to go fishing at Big Lake with you!

Martie said...

James is your clone, Adorable.
Lewis is a chubster!!!
Everyone looks so peaceful.
I love your day.
We need a day like that too.
I love this adventure.
I love this posting.
I love you.
Oh, and the photos make me SO HAPPY. Beautiful.

Martie said...

I think Anonymous is sincere, sister.

Katie Richins said...