Lewis - almost 11 months old

This little guy is so much fun.

He spends the day cruising around the house, playing with all of us, trying to get into the bathroom, or the family room where the fire is.  He's all about "dada" and if Tyler is home, Lewis is nearby.  He's finally mastered going down the stairs, only a few frustrating months after mastering going up them.  He likes to copy sounds - especially l-o-u-d ones.  He's a tough guy, but if he bumps his head, he weeps, wails, and gnashes his 4 little teeth.  He gives kisses, jutting his chubby chin out as he does.  He loves the vacuum, turning off the movie player when someone's watching something, and helping inspect the silverware to make sure it's clean when we're emptying it.  His little tummy gets sick if he eats wheat, but if there's a speck of anything on the floor it's down the hatch.  He's starting to stand on his own for a few seconds here and there.  He loves to take baths and showers and sticks his face in the water and then gasps, completely shocked, and does it again.  Also, he looks super cute in jammas, so he wore them most of December.

Tonight he found both a pen and a paper one of the kids left down, and spent more than 15 minutes "drawing". And it amazes me.  Do people get used to this stuff?  Because Tyler and I don't seem to ever end being amazed at what babies can do.  Each kid is so different - so many varied personalities, interests and abilities.

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Martie said...

You guys make perfect babies. How did you end up with 5 perfect, amazing children? And while we're on the subject, when did you turn old enough to HAVE 5 children? Isn't it the awesomest thing ever to be a parent? I love reading about your family. It means so much to me that you are blogging again. Don't ever stop! Lewis is a doll! I am amazed at how much his hair has grown and how his face is starting to look more toddler-ish and less infant-ish. In my mind I suppose I will think of him as 5 months old until I get to see him again in person. Kudos to you guys!!!! Much love.