always a surprise

So, you know how kids are always surprising us?  How, just when we think we have them all figured out, the show us a facet of themselves that we never would have guessed was there?

That's what Sam just did.  

His entire life I've known a few things about this kid.  He's gentle.  He's thoughtful.  He notices everything, except when he's wrapped up in a game or puzzle and notices nothing.  He loves fun.  And affection.  Yep, he's a sweetheart through and through.

But, just a couple of months ago he threw me for a loop.  I never expected this boy would fall for football the way he has.  In our small, rural town football is big.  Huge.  Lots of kids start playing before they start reading.  Sam's done sports - baseball, soccer, basketball.  He loves them.  And he's pretty good at them - a little distracted, but good.  And then Sam started school, and football is what all his friends play at recess.  

He was hooked.  He didn't "get" it, but he was hooked.  

Can you imagine his happy face when he opened up those two footballs on Christmas morning?  That face you see up there?  That's hours later.  Hours of tossing and catching a football, all inside because of the snow.  Even plenty of time spent cuddling and hugging them!  

So, these kids, we think we know them, think we've helped them find and explore their talents and interests. But, they are these amazing individuals and find their own paths - so different from the ones we thought!  I never would have guessed this sweet kid would go for rough and tumble football.  We have rough and tumble kids.  But, that's not how I'd describe him.  But he sure loves it!

I guess now I probably need to finally get a grip on just how that game is played.  It's always confused (and kinda bored) me.


Martie said...

Taylor did the same thing to me! In 5th grade suddenly that was all he talked about he played daily before and after school and at recess. Football, football, football. He loved it so much that he went out for the team in 7th grade. And then he got smashed in the abdomen so many times that he came home with dark purple bruises across his torso. And he got a tooth broken. And some other stuff. And then it was a bit too real for him and he quit. it pretty much broke his heart, but he knew it was too much for him. But can you believe that he ever loved it at all? The thought still kind of makes me giggle. I love that Sam loves it and I love that he loves his new footballs. And I love that photo. What a great kiddo!

Katie Richins said...

Ha! That IS funnt, and for sure a bit hard to believe! I hate that there's stuff about my nieces and nephews like that that I don't know. I seriously don't know if I will let him play pop warner. It's so intense, and they're so young!

Martie said...

It IS intense. Braden played in 7th grade as well and he was so bruised externally that I was terrified about what was going on inside. He had to quit as well. One of the coaches let the boys make illegal plays against each other in practices, thus the severe bruising. Both boys made their own choices to quit, but I have to say that I was relieved.