Here's the low-down.

I miss blogging. Especially taking lots and lots (and LOTS) of pictures.

But I don't have much time these days. As you know.

Also, I don't have much internet connection these days, either.

So, I'm aiming at one post/week. I think I can do that.

What do you think?


MandaMommy said...

YAYAYAYAYAY!! I've missed you! One post per week would probably beat my average... I don't find myself with much time either. What keeps you so busy?

Suzy Farar said...

Hey Katie!

I saw your blog from Adriana's! Our blog is I'm glad to read that you guys are ok after a car accident! Scary! I love the different posting ideas you have. I hope you don't mind if I add you to my list!

Martie said...


Missing you,


Real said...

Ack! You're killin' me. For MONTHS I've been checking your blog daily, just in case. Then in the past two weeks I just completely gave up. Suddenly you've been back for a week and I'm clueless!

I'll go for once a week if you promise to make it a looooong post.

Real said...

Actually, I'm really impressed that you finally remembered your password. Now that's something after 4 months!

sheila said...

I'm waiting....

Katie Richins said...

Manda - oh, the usual! I'm sure you know!

Suzy - Hey! I'm so glad to see you on here! Yeah, we're fine. I hope Dennis is fine after the food poisoning fiasco lst week - did he end up sick?

Martie -
Anything for you.

Real - It was some major brainwork on my part, I tell you. I don't know how it popped bacjk in my head, but it did!

Sheila - Happy?

Peg Lewis said...

Are your kids ages still THE SAME?

It's been a long time. I have no idea what made me look again. But YAY! Such heartwarming stuff!

I don't think once a week is good. How 'bout 7 times a week?