Family makes everything more fun.

We took Tyler's sister Jamie and her family to one of our favorite spots in Greer, but not without a little detour to get our car battery changed at the auto parts store.  We sat in that parking lot for a good half an hour, if not longer, and then spent another 15 plus minutes in the nearby drugstore, trying to keep the restless kids a little distracted.  And honestly?  It was all pretty fun.  We didn't do anything special but just goof around, but we were together.  Cheesy, I know, but what can I say?  (Most of those pictures up top were taken in the parking lot!)

We finally got to go to the river and give Jamie's kids a few precious minutes of fishing time.  Lewis back flipped off of a little ledge right into the water, and managed to not hurt himself - small miracle.  He was pretty mad to be soaking wet, though, but super luckily I had a change of clothes in the van for him.  Silly kid, I tell you!

Also, Bryson, Jamie's son, caught a fish!  Very exciting.  He held it for a second, and then Tyler released it back into the stream.  All the kids had fun running around in and out of the water, up and down the trail, and checking out all the fun things in the area - flowers, a snake, cool rocks, the fish, deeper pools in the stream, and more.

Great times.  Gotta love it!

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Martie said...

I never grow tired of the photos. Thank you. I'm glad Jamie and company were able to visit, too! I wish we could do the same.