This morning I woke up under the weather, but the weather?  It was beautiful.  By eight we were out on a walk.  As we went we noticed little signs of spring - grass starting to grow again, the sun warming our skin, more people venturing outdoors, flowers starting to push up through the ground, and the seasons first butterfly and bee.

When we got home, we snacked and started the days' school work.  The kids always surprise me with their opinions of what they should be doing - I plan the day ahead of time, but what they do with the plan, and how they change it is not something I can ever foresee.  Oh, and their way is usually better.

Midday, Tyler got back from his hunt and took the older three kids with him to retrieve his elk.  They spent the next few hours running around, getting a real-life anatomy lesson, and "helping".  M. and B. love every second of that stuff, but S. is not quite as sure about it.

I stayed home with my sweet baby and we rested and played and laughed.  The time flew for me, and soon they were all back.  Tyler was heading off to work, I was butchering meat, and the kids were watching a movie.  And that's when I realized that sometimes my life gives me whiplash.  Like the kids and their lessons, our days end up so differently than all the plans I have in my head of what they should be like.    And the way they end up is usually better.


Peg Lewis said...

I love this photo (and written part too). I feel like I'm really looking down down down the street. And the sunshine looks so sweet, I can almost feel it.

sheila said...

that was beautiful. I feel that way sometimes. That my life is really better then the plans I made for myself. My kids are great and DJ is a daily surprise. I sometimes can't believe how much he loves me.